Priced comparably to several brands on our list, Qure does offer something a bit different. Number 5 on the list is Quartzo water. As if we didn’t already have a million options for bottled water, alkaline water is here to maybe improve your life? Also, it is an alkaline water and the added pH really keeps me feeling energized throughout the day.”. might not choose it as your first source of alkaline water. Choose from Lemon-ginger, Cucumber-Mint, and Watermelon-Kiwi. One thing we love about this brand is Evamore publishes their water quality reports right on their website. Evamore Naturally Occurring Alkaline Water, The Best Alkaline Water Pitchers – Our Ratings and Reviews for 2020, The Best Home Reverse Osmosis Systems: A Review of the Top Models, The Best Countertop Water Filter Recommendations of 2020, About Us – A Guide to The Categories and Reviews on our Website, Filter: Microfiltration & Reverse Osmosis, Sourced from Evamore’s Underground Domestic Artesian Aquifer, Available in multi-packs of 20, 30 or 64 ounces, Supplemented with electrolytes and trace minerals, Available in a variety of sizes from 16.9 to 128 ounces, Bottled at the Source in the Koruglu Mountains, Spring and Flavored Sparkling Water Available, Available in wide-mouth bottles in a variety of sizes, Purified through reverse osmosis and UV filters, Infused with Himalayan Pink Salt Includes electrolytes, essential minerals, and trace elements, Includes Naturally Occurring Minerals and Electrolytes, Final filtration step using coconut and mesh filters. Alkaline TEN, discussed in greater detail below, wins our Best Alkaline Spring Water designation for two reasons – or rather, the interaction between two factors: pH and source. After all, variety is the spice of life. This quick guide will go over what to expect from nine of the top alkaline water brands, so that you can make an educated choice. Pure water, or H2O without any minerals added to it, is neutral or a 7 on the scale. prices. There’s something else unique about this brand: there are flavor options. And there are some very enthusiastic reviews on Amazon rn singing the praises of alkaline water brands. Okay, bye. First, Eternal uses multiple sources, including the Smoky Mountains, the Allegheny Mountains, and the Shasta Trinity Alps. We’ll even start this section with our best overall and best value picks, in case you’re in a rush. Having fresh, clean water to drink every day makes for a healthy body. What reviewers say: “My brain likes to pick up ANY taste it can out of water and use it as an excuse to not drink it, and with this, there is none of that. The water is crisp, clean, healthy, and refreshing!”. They perform extensive tests on their water giving the consumers a higher degree of confidence in the quality and purity of their product. We’ll examine it more in-depth below, but suffice it to say that between the bottled water pH chart, the price, and the company’s conscientious practices with plastic, we’re more than happy to consider this our “Best Overall.”. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at, I Def Want Diptyque’s Limited-Edition Baies Candle, Luxe Sheets Will Make Your Room Feel Like a Palace, The Best Deals From Parachute’s Black Friday Sale, You Can Shop These Black Friday Apple Deals Now, Five Chess Sets That’ll Keep Ya Entertained, Why You Love to Follow Mortal Enemies on Insta, AQUAhydrate Electrolyte Alkaline Water (Pack of 12), Bai Antioxidant Alkaline Water (Pack of 12). Plus, it’s way cheaper than buying a fresh bottle every time you need that alkaline fix. The plastic is BPA free, and they often offer free shipping. Obvi, sipping alkaline water, like regular water, is still helpful in keeping you adequately hydrated. One of the things that bottled water, alkaline or otherwise, offers is convenience. Another great thing about bottled alkaline water, at least when it 11 Things That Are Better When You're In Love, Here Are 10 Ways to Be Happy Even When You're Broke, 7 Partner Moves For When You're Feeling Lazy AF, 7 Cheap Brands Fashionistas Are Secretly OBSESSED With, Child Thrown From Waterslide in California. You’re getting the same water every Cosmopolitan participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites. TEN Alkaline Spring Water comes from the Blue Ridge Appalachian Mountains and is filtered through layers quartzite rock. Bye, bye, bye. If you’re looking for a bargain on electrolyte-infused waters with a pH of 9 or higher, this is a great option. That means its electrolytes, one of its main selling points, are completely natural. Sourced from an unground spring in the Blue Ridge Mountains, it’s truly the cream of the crop. Essentia Water has a comfortably high pH of 9.5 and is available in 24-pack of 20-oz bottles. If you are less concerned about combatting acidity in your body and prefer large bottles on the go, this might just be your top choice. This is largely because they opt for larger bottle sizes intended for storage. However, we aren’t suggesting that you limit yourself to two. time, so once you find a brand you prefer, it can be nice to have a safe, The design is just what you would expect, a water filter that fits conveniently on top of a pitcher for easy use. Perhaps you’re doing so in an effort to improve your health overall, or perhaps you have a particular condition that could be aided by reducing acid levels in your body. What reviewers say: “While the cost is a bit much, I fell in love with this water and its taste! Another issue is environmental responsibility. This water is carefully mineralized to provide an optimized hydration experience. Also, if you’re out and about, picking up a bottle of alkaline water at a convenience store or grocery store might be your only option. The relatively broad range, as compared to some other bottled water brands, is attributed to two factors. “There is not enough evidence to strongly support any of the health claims associated with drinking it.” But FWIW, one 2012 study suggests that alkaline water could help neutralize stomach acid and squash symptoms in people dealing with reflux disease. That convenience extends to portability since you can easily toss a bottle in your bag or keep a couple in your vehicle or your work fridge. Unfortunately, we could not locate any information about the source of the water except it was domestically sourced. If you’re only going to try out two brands of alkaline bottled water to start off, we definitely stand by our recommendations of Essentia as the best overall and Alkaline TEN as the best value. When shopping for a bottled water brand, we favor the companies which source their water from underground springs vs a municipal source. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent diseases. Why we love it: This pitcher is great if you’re conscious about your plastic water bottle consumption (and you should be!). Of course, you also want water free of harmful contaminants for the best results. Rave review: “This water by far is the best-tasting and most alkaline water I have had. This is represented by a scale from zero (super-duper acidic) to 14 (so, so alkaline). The additional infused alkaline minerals, carefully chosen for their health benefits, are another great bonus. Why we love it: AQUA Hydrate has its own “proprietary process of electrolyte enhancement,” so it’s probably good for those who just like to go HAM in the gym (or are very much hungover). 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