When connecting with a device, you will see this name in the list of available Wi-Fi networks. Original Warranty applies only to batteries purchased on or after April 23, 2017 until amended or superceded by Bell. Press J to jump to the feed. save. N'hésitez pas à vous connecter à l'interface de configuration de votre box ou routeur pour vérifier les paramètres Wi-fi : Du côté de vos appareils, la carte Wi-fi doit aussi supporter les normes. The network name (SSID) is used to identify (or name) your network. Posted by 2 hours ago. Sur Windows il est simple de vérifier les normes supportés par votre carte Wireless.Pour se faire, ouvrez une invite de commandes.Sur cette dernière, passez la commande : Vérifiez la ligne "Types de radio pris en charge" où les normes Wi-fi supportées par votre carte sont listées.Si les normes supportant le 5 GHz comme 802.11n et 802.11ac ne sont pas présentes alors vous ne pourrez pas passer sur cette fréquence. A network name and password are already provided and you will find them on a sticker on the back of the modem. After the two minutes has expired, you will need to press the WPS button again on your modem. Please let us know what we did well or what we can improve about this article.If you require assistance, please In our ongoing efforts to improve our support section, your opinion is invaluable. The channel i'm in is overcrowded with all of my neighbors and is probably causing interference. Your primary Wi-Fi network supports both 2.4 and 5 GHz wireless bands. Votre connexion Wi-fi est en 2.4 GHz et vous recherchez un meilleur débit.En effet, les connexions Wifi en 5 GHz sont plus rapides.Vous vous demandez comment passer votre connexion à 5 Ghz afin de la rendre plus rapide et avoir un meilleur débit.Cet article vous donne toutes les explications autour de ces différentes bandes de canal. Ontario and Québec residents please call Bell at 1 866 310 BELL (2355) and residents of the Atlantic provinces please call 1 866 342-7367, so that Bell can confirm that the Original Battery is within the Warranty Period and attempt to diagnose and correct the malfunction over the telephone. Greater chance of interference which will affect Wi-Fi performance. Recommendation: Set both 2.4 GHz and 5.0 GHz to On and let the connecting device (such as a laptop) automatically manage which band to connect to based on signal strength. Set your Primary Wi-Fi network to the ON (or OFF) position near the top of the screen. Many wireless products in the market (cordless phones, baby monitors, etc.) If any provision of this Warranty is unenforceable, all remaining provisions of this Warranty remain in full force and effect. Your Home Hub 3000 can transmit both at the same time to optimize your Wi-Fi performance or you can choose to use only one or the other. 2.4 GHz is slower than 5 GHz but has more range. Press J to jump to the feed. Il existe beaucoup de standard Wi-fi avec des normes, débits différents.Le tableau suivant récapitule les différentes normes. 2.4 ghz and 5 ghz. Thanks. “Fibre Equipment” means the Home Hub 3000 modem or UPS (uninterruptible power supply), as applicable, provided by Bell in connection with certain of your Bell services. The channel i'm in is overcrowded with all of my neighbors and is probably causing interference. save. Be sure to keep your proof of purchase to establish the date of purchase of the Original Battery; otherwise Bell may have to estimate the date of purchase. In the Wi-Fi settings under the 5ghz there’s a channel drop down. damaged due to: abuse, neglect, misuse, accident, theft, vandalism, force majeure events (e.g. Recommended: We recommend WPA2-PSK (AES) to protect your Wi-Fi network. Close. You have two options to connect to the Wi-Fi network: Note: The timer on the WPS management page will indicate how much time is remaining.