Social Animal is a content marketing platform with a focus on analysis and monitoring. You might also like to read about sentiment analysis tools that uses NLP and machine learning algorithms too. You can also monitor your competitors to look at their best content and Facebook strategies. The find influencers feature works in two ways to find the influencer you want, one where you can find a influencer with a same target audience as you require and the second one is finding top content creators in a particular industry and have them work for you. Content, alone, doesn’t amount to much. There is an API available for external development and a powerful search for finding the content you need. Both choices will take you to the Keyword Plan, but what you see will vary slightly depending on your choice. A marketer by day and a reader by night, she loves to discuss herself in the third person. ShareIt, from SocialPilot, is a free content curation and influencer discovery tool that allows you to share content directly on your social media pages. Medium is an online publishing platform that allows writers to easily create and share content with a wide audience. What every blogger and content writer needs is a list of keywords that have a decent level of search volume, and relatively easy competition (Keyword competitiveness) to give them a chance of being anywhere near the top of the rankings on any search engine. A number of sharing tools are available including the ability to schedule posts and publish to LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. However, it does not show you the exact amount of traffic. Now with this list of tools for every step of content marketing, you are sure to nail it. The app also lets you analyze your overall writing style with suggestions and corrections highlighted under different colors. By creating a Twitter List, which is basically a group of chosen Twitter accounts, you can categorize and organize content as separate segments. With luck, your content may even show up on the “recommended section” under NBC News, Daily Mail, The Weather Channel, EuroSport, and more. What’s special about this tool: BuzzSumo is a great tool for uncovering the best content (ranked by shares) published by an individual or a website. The software supports a variety of format, and you are able to select from a variety of display styles to match the design preferences of your website. The great thing about this is that it enables you to stay on top of everything and to see the big picture for the first time. 1. So, let’s get you curating! Some of ContentGem’s best features include the ability to share directly to social media, send a weekly email newsletter of content, and much more with their ability to plug the content into a variety of applications, like WordPress. All you have to do is search for almost any topic or keyword, and Atlas will have a graphic or a chart based on recent research data for you. The interesting thing about this content curation tool is that it doesn’t just focus on web content and social media posting, it also ties in your email newsletters. Made with ❤ by Social Animals. This means that you can become a node in your industry by always appearing to be up to speed with the latest developments and events. But, it is practically infeasible to cover all … Scoop allows you to automatically view relevant content in your chosen niche, and then intelligently summarizes and packages the key points for you. In this article, we’ve highlighted 11 of the best content curation tools of 2019. To get an overview of the keyword usage for any webpage. What every blogger and content writer needs is a list of keywords that have a decent level of search volume, and relatively easy competition (Keyword competitiveness) to give them a chance of being anywhere near the top of the rankings on any search engine. Now, you have an organized board filled with pinned content that you can readily share. Once you download this tool, you’ll be waving goodbye to all the time you’ve spent researching and comparing keywords on different tools and platforms. Curata helps you avoid this bad habit by making organizing your content pipeline a highly visual experience. Flipboard Our list of free content curation tools starts with Flipboard. This is one of our favourite tools. is a Google Chrome extension that allows you to browse, store and share top marketing content. They place a focus on an investigative and comprehensive analysis for any chosen topic, and there are a number of different strategies that they can apply to each project. To view the pricing, click here. This lets you look at what you want and not miss any stuff that you actually want to follow. Sniply is a unique content tool that allows you to create custom messages overlaid onto any piece of content. There is also a Tour Creator feature that allows you to curate various media and link them together for a single experience that can be shared. Word count ­– Ideal headlines that receive the most clickthroughs are 6 words long. It was named a top app by the New York Times and Time Magazine in 2016 and is built to help you stay in the loop on what content is trending. Refind is yet another handy content curation tool. is a content curation and social selling service that helps you manage employee advocacy and more. It also has the capability to narrow down your keywords according to categories in order to give more accurate data on keywords and by geographic location for determining what areas are the best to outreach to or for tailoring the content to suit specific locations and regions. Canva is a graphic design tool that lets you create presentations and images for social media. You must curate content that is “shareable”. But this shouldn’t worry you as there are enough free templates to satisfy any graphic designer. Top 7 Content Marketing Techniques in 2019; Content Curation Tool #16: Sniply. Save content to read later via third parties. You can fill your social channels with Articles, Videos, Images, GIFs and Quotes in less than a minute. 2. The tool offers a free trial for 14 days. More and more, marketers and social media managers are looking to technology for content curation tools to help them uncover great content, share it quickly, be more productive, and get detailed analytics surrounding what content works and what doesn’t. It is a tool that can tell you what is and what was trending over a given period of time. Compared to static content, interactive content such as quizzes and interactive questionnaires generate twice as many conversions according to research. The Question Skip feature directs participants to relevant follow-up questions, 3. But unlike Biteable, Animaker lets you export your video without an upgrade. Pinterest is best described as a kind of online pinboard – mostly for collecting visual pieces of content. SpyFu is an SEO tool that lets you look into your competitor’s keyword research campaign including the PPC estimates and the keywords they use and buy. 9 Best Content Curation Tools And Their Key Features in 2019 | BuzzSumo v/s Feedly v/s! As part of LinkedIn since 2012, SlideShare has become a go-to source for high-quality slide content from top experts. Weava is available as a Chrome extension that allows you to highlight, annotate, organize, and site content from PDFs (online or local), online journals, websites, and more. All rights reserved. Maybe you’re tired of hunting and searching for content and want a tool that can help make your life 10x easier? For us content marketers, that’s extremely useful. How does Grammarly work? Here are all the things you can achieve from Google Keyword Planner without an ad campaign. Why Should You Curate? Pricing: Pearltrees is a paid tool with a 14 day free trial. Review all major metrics for a page in a heartbeat. What’s special about this tool: Pressly offers the ability to discover great content but more than anything, it’s about assisting in ensuring your entire team can curate content with ease.