Basically, the spine is made of muscles, nerves, and bones and everything is neatly placed so the entire structure will work as a unit. BLACK FRIDAY (2020) SALE: 35% OFF on orders over £300. It has a coil support core and some added foam for improved comfort. This product is available for purchase online. And one of those reasons is the fact that Loom and Leaf can be considered the best mattress for side sleepers with lower back pain. That’s much more common on cheap mattresses so having pocket springs at this price point is a big plus. Based on several recommendations, I’ll try the Nectar mattress. However, be careful. Visco premium foam doesn’t disappoint you by off-gassing. A small study from 2017 compared latex and polyurethane foam mattresses and found that latex mattresses performed better overall and provided more pressure relief for side sleepers. If you would like to feel softer or firmer mattress, then this mattress is not for you as it has only one level of firmness. We always pick mattresses with a strong core, which can provide proper support for users. Side sleepers will sleep the most comfortable with a medium to medium firm mattress. Read our Lucid Latex Mattress Review. If you’re a side sleeper looking for a luxuriously thick mattress, we recommend Amerisleep’s hybrid model of its soft feel AS5. The mattress also has five layers of differentiated support to relieve pressure on the joints, along with a layer of cooling gel foam. 3 inches of breathable Vaya Foam contour and cushion the shoulders and hips to ease pain and facilitate healthy alignment. In some zones, the spacing between hexagons is wider, which results in deeper sinkage and better pressure relief. Even though there are certain universal recommendations as for the best mattress for side sleepers with lower back pain, each sleeper has individual needs, especially when it comes to mattress firmness. . From the high-end cashmere cover to the 8-layer hybrid design, DreamCloud will cradle the spine for proper alignment to ensure you don’t get pressure building up in any area of the body. The right mattress should distribute pressure evenly throughout the body and keep the back in a neutral position. At times we’ll accept products for free in order to do a review. Some mattress companies like Nectar and DreamCloud offer 365 day sleep trials. Furthermore, the layers of memory foam and elastic high-end polyurethane foam create a surface that is both bouncy and contouring. Their AS3 model combines medium feel, a good hug, and zoned support — literally everything you need to chase your pain away and get a peaceful sleep. I need a recommendation for a very petite side sleeper with fiber myalgia, disintegrating spine in the lower back, and neck with rotator cusp in shoulder torn creating hips, legs, shoulder, arm crippling pain. The medium firm support is good for side sleepers although I’m sure you know that by now! Furthermore, a decent memory foam bed reacts to body heat and pressure, so it molds after your unique shape. Being a pure foam mattress, Puffy is plush soft and very cradling. When you wake up in the morning with a stiff back and sore joints, it’s likely a result of sleeping on a mattress that isn’t providing you with the best support. One unusual solution is to try and sleep with a knee pillow (here are my recommendations). So, if you love hugging the pillow closer to the edge of the bed, this mattress might not be the perfect option. You want a mattress to bend with you and you also want it to snap back and support you. Vaya Comfort Foam is contouring, breathable, and adaptable—it cushions your body and adapts to your changing movements, but it doesn’t trap heat or cause you to sink. And underneath that, you have the base material which stops the mattress sliding around. The Emma Original is a fantastic mattress for back sleeper and for side sleepers, it’s got a 3 zone support which is ideal if you sleep on your side or your back. Mattress Dimensions: What size mattress should I choose? Finally, the layer of coils is perfect for good ventilation and support because it has a powerful pushback effect. More petite people may prefer softer, while heavier people likely need thicker and slightly firmer beds for long-term comfort. It’s got a 1-year guarantee and a 5-year warranty making it great value and a fine choice of mattress. If you’ve recently suffered a back injury or you have a chronic condition, there are ways to release the pressure and alleviate the pain. To find the best mattress for side sleepers, you should look for a bed that offers an even balance of comfort and support. Sometimes this is called luxury firm in the mattress industry. Those benefits include: Of course, if you prefer sleeping on your right side, there’s nothing wrong with that. An innerspring mattress might have some extra padding on top (wool, for example), but in many cases, it’s not enough to cradle the protruding body parts properly. Mattress Type: Memory foam Customer Rating: 4.6 out of 5