Attendees at the 2020 conference, which was conducted virtually online because of the pandemic, were told that the shale gas industry faces an existential political threat from anti-fossil fuel activists. But a row over it highlights the challenge facing his energy strategy . Ed Crooks. Vice-Chair, Americas. Anti-fracking protesters march at the 2011 Shale Insight conference in Philadelphia. The anti-fracking Blackpool Nanas. Learn more. Fracking definition: Fracking is a method of getting oil or gas from rock by forcing liquid and sand into the... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples Ed examines the forces shaping the energy industry globally. Information and translations of fracking in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on … Vice-Chair, Americas. 16 October 2020. It's been a bloody hard, long few years but I would do it all again for the beauty of the friendships and the admiration I have for my fellow campaigners in … What does fracking mean? Meaning of fracking. Latest articles by Ed. Definition of fracking in the dictionary. Joe Biden is clear that he would not try to ban hydraulic fracturing. Ed Crooks. fracking definition: 1. a method of getting oil or gas from the rock below the surface of the ground by making large…. Fracking is a hotly debated environmental and political issue. The politics of fracking. "Getting a tad poetic because my heart is currently swimming in gratitude and joy. Branch stacking is when people are recruited into a branch of a political party to influence who is pre-selected as an election candidate.