Adobe PDF format, Kindle format, Pope Francis, ePub format, mp3 audio file. The process of peacemaking is on-going and requires work, especially a care for the most vulnerable in society. x�cbd`�g`b``8 "Y��lgɨ"��H�Ji�"�A�CX� D�+�իIF�b��&��v�Mc`%iA �8 Unity is often best achieved when people work together to address the problems they share. m�ƒ>���M؏���8����B�N B���v���*���غ3s}y�y�7 ���&�8J�,���`�Q�����H���xH�?䖿���ɖ�^�y��2]����5>��2Y|E��_��k��m�E���dwڰ��5��?�~O�j��h™+i�DY>E,�D"+�&JR��oN�?�肀֯_=�s�+%���T� �:QP��5����,ğ����^�,��Ԥ�)�r�]���>��兔��]�x!������X �×������EA����oU�~ά�*r�|oܷ��H���XFE��(��!$sP�@��@�{��'��� Chapter 4 – A Heart Open to the Whole World. Introduction I n s p ir e d b y S a in t F r a n c is of A ss is i, P o pe Fr a ncis g ives us F r atelli tut ti, a pr oposa l fo r a Liberalism, specifically neoliberalism, exalts the marketplace as the solution to all problems, to the benefit only of those in power. 54 0 obj Thus, politics should focus on the long-term common good. Don Bosco and the youth of Nigeria animated by Salesian reverend Brothers and Fathers and Cooperators with the young people of the SALESIAN FAMILY, from, from There is a growing loss of the sense of history, which leads to even further breakup. Love both draws us out of ourselves and draws the ones we love into ourselves. In the political sphere, Pope Francis discusses two movements that hinder our ability to see the world as open and having a place for all people: populism and liberalism. Francis here reiterates the Church’s teaching of the “common destination of created goods,” which states that “if one person lacks what is necessary to live with dignity, it is because another person is detaining it” (119). The pope recognizes a tension between globalization and localization, but sees a way of healthily living rooted in one’s own culture while striving for the common good of the whole of humanity. A kind of “deconstructionism”, whereby human freedom claims to create everything starting from zero, is making headway in today’s culture. At this point, Pope Francis writes of war and the death penalty as two “false answers” that seem to address certain extreme circumstances, but “do no more than introduce new elements of destruction in the fabric of national and global society” (255). �����q9I���,s^Dy��=Jn�Gao�y8���{�A�fЍoO�]!���`��?���6a�b�����&1�E�d��q#�9{htރ�]$oM�F��hZ�O����"[�������U��r�3I�9z�3V��T+��Ip38�|��0��A+q�K��*�u���� �D3i�$:�(�I��_5܈x\�! Documentary on Abuja city capital of Nigeria, Don Bosco Alumni Association of Nigeria Past Pupils of Don-Bosco, JOBITEC DON BOSCO TECHNICAL INSTITUTES IN NIGERIA, Catholic Liturgical Music in Nigerian Universities (FILM) Forum for the Inculturation of Indigenous Liturgical Music, annual gathering for international missionaries in Ireland. ��x:x��V��?l��[E����&am6����D� �(�nV��^۴Y�\X?m,0�� ��=`������͎�'e��f�w����Ғ�� �X&��$���o;�Snr�6��_�U߆ũh��H�9��SQ �$�y��s�(���҇���hl���ͺ ��=2��7C���P��;d/O�P����;�Df�(���\�,۫A�Ӆ@��|!���ܭP!@Fm���c�X��@8��_7F�%��e'�1Jk�WԥؓB�? First, Evangelii Gaudium (Joy of the Gospel) focuses on repairing the Church. I offer a summary of each chapter below. 2 0 obj %PDF-1.5 Chapter 3 – Envisaging and Engendering an Open World. endobj /��Ç�� AJ/�P�F� �*��V�\.�� `hmm-��2D������ �h\$� @éU�nL @�m�n����F�D X��6M7̣G��� ����t]EW� ,3]]]� � Rights to private property are derived from the universal destination of goods and therefore are subordinate to it. Conflicts will arise but can be resolved through dialogue and honest negotiation. %PDF-1.5 Next, Laudato Si’ (Praised Be) examines repairing the planet. 5 `�ؗ���^�����#ǒ ������k����4�|�ݜj�o �u��缿���C�F�r X���n�� q��_7�� ������]���� `�rz����c��F_ X� ��\o���`� Ԑ�tæ���_4�r ���T���7�� ������žg����