Paul Adling Member [protected] They have no telephone contact information. I hope you get this e-mail, and that someone reads it and responds. HandyMan Club of America / - lack of magazine on lifetime membership, Handyman Club of America - life membership, Handyman Club of America - un-requested material, Handyman Club of America - magazines and regular information, File a complaint to HandyMan Club of America /, Jetblue Airways - delays and customer treatment, Clientele Life - clientele won't cancel my policy, Sunset Ranches. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY!!! I received a invitation to join. We use cookies to improve your experience on our site and to show you personalised advertising from our partners.By using this website you agree to our Cookies Policy. Now today I received mail that I am a returning member and congratulations. Now you say it's only available as an e-zine??? I would like to be included. What a scam! I also have a Life Time Membership and have not received my life time subscription magazine since the beginning of 2014. Asking to cancelled the HCOA membership and I just wanted the magazines. Now we are getting a bill for landscape structures and decks.Guess what... we never got this book. I see there are many complaints against this company. Thanks. (p.s.I will be posting this letter on the internet.). In any way, I am considering a lawsuit against the Handymen Club of America. I belonged to both the "Handyman Club of America" and the "North American Fishing Club" at different times in the past. This club never sent me anything else or any other bills. What do I have to do to start getting my magazine again. This "club" is a scam! I received my dues membership invoice and acted by sending a debit card number. About 2 months ago they sent me, unsolicited; a box of router bits as "a free gift" with an offer that if I pay them $29.99, I will get another box of router bits every month to 6 weeks. I thought just the other day, I noticed I hadn't received my magazines in quite a while, looked up the web site so I could ask about it, and find out people are having this problem. Thank you for these notices. The thank you message stated that "My account has been REACTIVATED"! DaveNewEng: Yes, I am another person who paid to be a lifetime member. Hello, the name is Ron. I guess since I just joined and received my first collection agency threat, I am in for more surprises. I have one item to send back that I did not request, but my problem is that I cannot find a mailing address for the company. The last magazine I received was Feb mar 2014 issue NEIL DOYLE #3ooo7858 Never happened when Larry was editor. Please report your letter, especially that you are in Colorado. OK 1 membership, get a couple magazines and lot's of "Lucky you " You have been chosen for LIFETIME Memebrship. I just received a collections notice for $335 for a bogus lifetime membership. I have had about 6 free tools in 16 years. There is no phone number or e-mail on the invoice to cancel. Inside is an invoice for a book, keep it and pay or return it to, free gift (set of small craft screw drivers and some other papers. We just received an official notification saying they were going to take us to a collection agency for past due membership. What do we do to make sure we are not sent to a collection agency? I paid dues and got nothing for it, therefore I cancelled the stupd membership (with no return of any dues. We did not sign up for anything from this company. HandyMan Club of America / - Not receiving my lifetime membership magazines. While I was sending my $12. We once again wrote cancel on the invoice because there isn't any other way of contact on the invoice and mailed it back. I am with any person out there who is against this junk company. Although I immediately returned the whole junk they kept resending the invoice every month since, telling me that I "kept" the product. The phone number for Handyman Club of America is 1-800-243-7679. So, fearing to lose my membership, which has to be completely illegal, I went to the site and did what I needed to do. Would like this problem corrected by the Handyman Co. keep sending bill for cancelled books. It was not long until another book came. I was told that it is no longer a paper magazine. Ok, I have been a LIFETIME member of this club for over ten years...It has been awhile since I recieved my bi-monthly LIFETIME Handyman magazine. 8-2-2010 I got a membership for my husband. After I paid for the third book I got, I sent notice with lit that I wanted It cancelled, I keep getting bills from them from after I cancelled, and as I had got nothing from them I dont owe them.Thinking about a lawyer. I joined Handyman Club of America, as a Lifetime Member, on March 22, 2010. well payed my membership was instructed to go to " " what a joke gives you a run around, hey guys if your not going to give a free gift ...then dont say you got my money and you can bet i wont be renewing it when its up... Me too! @d nadrowski Same thing just happened to me... how the hell do I get in touch with these crooks? You wouldn't believe the answer!!! wife saved for nearly a year to buy me the membership. He says well yes, check it over and if I don't want it I can return it. Lifetime member, I also stopped receiving the magazine, so I emailed them. supposedly invoice #LRKBD7946. Finally, I sent the last one back with a note of dissatisfaction and a request that the membership be terminated. Irecently received an official notification saying they were going to take meto a collection agency for past due membership of which I chose not be be a member and received nothing (oops I did get a key chain). However, no where could I find in any of their literature could I find out what the cost of a lifetime membership would be. I would suggest you send complaints to the Attorney General of the State of Minn. & not the governor. Yesterday March 4th I rec'd notice from Collection Agency, that I joined in Dec 2006, and now owe them $461.00. Collection Agencies in Mesa on GO HANDYMAN CLUB OF AMERICA!!! Now I have changed my email address and gave them several notices and they still won't take the hint. A class action lawsuit makes the most sense. Dr Z Fulop. I am really getting sick of these companies offering LIFETIME or UNLIMITED products only to try and screw you down the road! I have no idea when the last time I heard from them or received a magazine. Since I know, many of you are handyman and may as well be a member of this club, I am pasting this note on my Face Book Wall and again on the to find out whether any of you have experienced exactly the same misconduct from the same company.