I’m delighted to celebrate this, your Baccalaureate Mass, as you give thanks to God for the blessings of your years at Maryvale and as you look towards a future full of hope. Then, what you have learned here at Maryvale will come to its true fulfillment! Every one of you is headed to college and next year you’ll be matriculating in many fine colleges and universities. When she learned that her cousin needed her, Mary didn’t stay at home and say to herself, “I need to look after my own needs.”. As you join Mary on this journey and arrive with her at Elizabeth’s house what can you learn as you prepare for your journey from Maryvale  into a new and challenging future? The Blessed Virgin Mary turns that approach on its head just as her Son Jesus would do when he taught us that it is better to give than receive. homily: (Lk. And yet. At the same time, Mary also learned that her cousin, Elizabeth, had conceived a child in her advancing years. Even before he was born, Mary brought Jesus to Elizabeth. In acts of charity, and in those moments where you seem to be the only person who cares for a young woman in distress, your contribution is vital – not because it’s you there, but because you have the honour of bringing Christ to them, so that he can infuse their hearts and souls with his love and his grace. Doing a little more homework on the class of 2018, I discovered that three of you, our graduates, scooped up the ACE awards, that is, the Architecture, Construction and Engineering Awards – surpassing coed schools with much larger enrollments. Michael McGivney, Watch Archbishop Lori celebrate Mass for the Solemnity of Christ the King, Archbishop Lori’s Homily: Solemnity of Jesus Christ King of the Universe. This homily was given at the Good Counsel Network on the feast of Visitation. Mary’s journey: a homily for The Visitation May 31, 2012 by Deacon Greg Kandra Patheos Explore the world's faith through different perspectives on religion and spirituality! By all accounts you are well-equipped for college and also for the many challenges and opportunities that will be yours as you enter upon your adult lives. First, let’s recall that Mary did not journey alone to Elizabeth’s house. Many of you also continued to serve in your local parishes on the weekends and some of you served as extraordinary ministers of the Eucharist. The Church’s word for bringing Jesus to others is – evangelization –  It’s all about bringing the joy of the Gospel to others just as Mary and Elizabeth rejoiced in the presence of the long-awaited Savior. Those journeys will take you far from your comfort zone but bring you close to God. In this elective you were taught how to share the Lord’s love with others, much as Mary shared Jesus’ love with her cousin Elizabeth. "Whereas it is the duty of all Nations to acknowledge the providence of Almighty God, to obey his will, to be grate…, Participating in seminars helps me to justify getting a whole bunch of new books off my wish list that I now really…. In all of human history, it’s hard to beat the joy that Mary and Elizabeth experienced as Mary arrived at Elizabeth’s doorstep and the baby in her womb leapt for joy. Just like Our Lady, you bring him into their presence in a way that they may not even realise – hidden from view, but nonetheless entirely and really there. Jesus was close to her heart; already she loved him beyond all telling. Today we are met with two pregnant women whose children will not only change their lives, but the entire course of human history. Tags: Homily for Friday May 31 2019, Homily for the Feast of the Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mons. You might say that your life here at Maryvale has been a journey – a journey of growth in so many facets of your lives. The final day of the month is the Second Joyful Mystery, the Visitation, wherein Mary, with Jesus in her womb, went to visit her cousin Saint Elizabeth who was pregnant too, with Saint John the Baptist. It is a school rooted in the Catholic faith, a place where you have had many opportunities to come to know the Lord Jesus and to grow in your relationship with the Lord and with the Church. Not only is there a profound joy in the encounter between S. Elizabeth and Our Lady – blessed art thou amongst women, and blessed is the fruit of thy womb! F. Xavier CIURANETA i Aymí, THE VISITATION OF MARY TO ELIZABETH Continue Reading Previous Homily for the Feast of the Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary (1) © 2020 ARCHDIOCESE OF BALTIMORE, ALL RIGHT RESERVED, Charity In Truth: The Blog of Archbishop William E. Lori, The Joy of Believing: A Practical Guide To The Catholic Faith, 2020 School Policy Manual (Updated 10-19-20), Archbishop Lori’s Homily: Mass of Thanksgiving for the Beatification of Bl. In these and other ways you will be equipped to bring Jesus to others just as Mary brought Jesus to her cousin. God calls the Catholics of the Archdiocese of Baltimore to be a welcoming, worshipping community of faith, hope, and love. What experiences can you bring from Maryvale into your changing lives as you head to college and contemplate what it is God is asking of you? In S. Elizabeth’s womb, the young S. John the Baptist leaps for joy as he first encounters Christ who, in the womb of Our Blessed Lady, draws the whole world to himself, even before his birth. So may God bless you and your work this day, as he so clearly does. Let us bring the same sentiments of praise and thanksgiving of Mary to the Lord, her faith and her hope, her docile abandonment in the hands of Divine Providence. May 31, 2018. It would be verging on the irresponsible to miss a chance to say something about today’s feast of the Visitation in the context of the important work you undertake here at the Good Counsel Network. This homily was given at the Good Counsel Network on the feast of Visitation. And that is something you certainly learned to do here at Maryvale as you spent time serving at Sarah’s Hope in West Baltimore, Happy Helpers for the Homeless, Camp St. Vincent’s and Horizon Day Camp. In doing that, rooted in the Faith, you also present people unwittingly with Christ. As Elizabeth heard Mary’s greeting, the infant in her womb … May God bless you and keep you always in his love! You are able, through what you do, to continue that Gospel of Life, drawing others to understand the basic fact that life is a sacred gift, not a manufactured commodity. There’s a second lesson we can learn as we walk with Mary, and it’s this: Continue to be those young women who go out of your way for others. – but there is a deep sense of the reality of humanity, a deep sense that the encounter between the two women, is in fact a meeting of four people, even if S. John and Our Lord are hidden beneath the protruding bellies of their mothers.