✘ Pesticides sprayed on crops not only destroy pests and contaminate the crops, but also kill beneficial insects. ✘ Statistics show a direct relation between the consumption of food procured from intensive farming sites and an increase in the number of cancer patients and children born with defects. To be a Premier Technological University Excelling in Quality Education, Research, and Technology Transfer for National Development. Required fields are marked *. The 197 countries that have ratified the Convention are called Parties to the Convention. The dynamics of these threats must be quickly investigated to ensure timely update of management strategies and policies. VISION: To become a centre of excellence in promoting the application of appropriate land policies, laws and management practices by empowering society through innovative and knowledge based advocacy and capacity building in Kenya and the region. It produces good quality food without using any chemical fertilizer or pesticides, helps reduce diseases, and lowers the environmental impact. (main photo: Selangor Menteri Besar Amirudin Shari says the factory building will be demolished within the next few months), The course is organized by the Netherlands Academy for La. ✔ Many opine that organic food can be afforded only by the elite strata of the society. Advantages. The Land Portal Foundation believes access to information is crucial to achieve good land governance and to secure land rights for vulnerable people. The UNFCCC entered into force on 21 March 1994. Especially following the food crisis (2003-08), and stimulated by the growing demand for biofuels, pressure on land continues to increase. MISSION: To contribute to improved livelihoods through offering a bridge between communities, stakeholders and policy makers in the promotion of equitable access and sustainable management of land and natural resources. This means that common people can now afford a balanced and nutritious diet. Sustainable intensive farming, intensive aquaculture, intensive livestock farming, and management-intensive grazing fall under this farming category. We help partners to create and disseminate land governance data and information through linked and open data technologies. Optimal use of these materials and machines produces significantly greater crop yields per unit of land than extensive agriculture, which uses little capital or labour.As a result, a farm using intensive agriculture will require less land than an extensive agriculture farm to produce a similar profit. Use of chemical fertilizers contaminates soil and water bodies, such as lakes and rivers. ✔ With the introduction of intensive farming, farm produce, such as vegetables, fruits, and poultry products have become less expensive. This course provides a multidisciplinary analysis of the ‘land rush’ within the more general context of land governance in Africa, Asia and Latin America: the history and drivers, the diversity of stakeholders and networks involved, the urgency of current challenges, and innovative governance solutions. The Dedan Kimathi University of Technology motto is: “Better Life through Technology”. It is carried out to meet the rising demand for cheap food and prevent future shortages. LDGI values of Integrity, Trust and Professionalism influence the way we work every day and everywhere. This leads to economies of scale and directly contributes towards meeting the ever-growing demand for food supplies. Large-scale acquisition of land in the global South has received a great deal of interest in the last few years. Biological Control: Using a predator intentionally to fix the pest population size is known as biological control. Advantages and Disadvantages of Intensive Farming, Top 10 Things We Are Noticing About Precision Agriculture, How to Speed Up Planting on No-Till Farms, The Role of Smart Farming in Developing Sustainable…, What’s the key role of farmers in providing food…, Sustainable farming is the most vibrant wave of the future, Precision Farming – Use Farming Tech to Improve Agronomy, Trimble Launches Farmer Core to Connect the Entire Farm Operation, The Role of Smart Farming in Developing Sustainable Agriculture, Modern agricultural technology adoption and its importance. It is very difficult to pick a side in the debate regarding intensive farming. © Farm Management Copyright 2020, All Rights Reserved. Intensive land use activities worldwide have caused considerable loss to many ecosystem services. (Source – http://www.buzzle.com/articles/advantages-and-disadvantages-for-intensive-farming.html), Thanks for give a piece of some important informations. Alternatives? This technique demands utmost caution and thorough study, as it could go all wrong, if not managed properly. ✘ There are many hybrid varieties of livestock, plants, and poultry available today. ✘ Reports and studies reveal that intensive farming affects and alters the environment in multiple ways. Free trade zones represent an important system innovation space to realize economic agglomeration advantages with high-level openings. It also aids in solving the worldwide hunger problems to a great extent. Intensive farming is an agricultural system that aims to get maximum yield from the available land. intensive land use. Jay Rayner, a restaurant critic of the Observer says, Sure, it might be cruel, but intensive farming saves lives. Forests are destroyed to create large open fields, and this could lead to soil erosion. land governance. ✘ Intensive farming involves the use of various kinds of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and insecticides. Elaborated below are its pros and cons.