I then sealed the wax lines with a coating of Resin Spray. However, if the blushed coating is not intended to be topcoated, care should be taken to not damage the texture, gloss or finish of the coating. I taped one dried leaf to my notebook and tried sealing sections of it with Mod Podge, Golden Acrylic medium, or not sealing at all. At first I was a little peeved that the gold metallic vinyl separated from where I’d stuck it to the tray. And I set the heat to 350 degrees Fahrenheit (the second-lowest heat setting). The binder clips look like they’re about to fly away! Amine blush is alkaline, so an elevated pH reading may indicate the presence of an amine exudate. Most coating epoxies utilize a 1:1 by volume mixture. Pour the pre-measured resin and catalyst into a disposable mixing cup large enough to hold the liquid and a flower blossom. Sophie Epperlein is our Instagram Winner! One such test is performed using pH paper. The Eiffel Tower in the postcard is made with dark black lines so I mimicked the look with black sealing wax on my molded leaves. Epoxy resin bonds permanently to almost everything, so you need to avoid spills and drips directly on your counter or table. Estimate how much of the mixture you will need for one or two flowers, as epoxy resin sets quickly and your work window is correspondingly short. ( Log Out /  In this position, she performs laboratory coating failure investigations, supports consulting staff for coating failure analysis projects, and conducts paint and material testing to verify compliance with specifications. Choose flowers that have tightly petaled blossoms, such as roses, chrysanthemums, tuberoses, gardenias, asters, carnations, marigolds or tulips, for best results. The FURNO 500 heat gun has two fan settings. Scrape the sides of the measuring containers to make sure all of the material ends up in the cup. The changing colors of the leaves? You have about five minutes before the epoxy becomes unworkable. Arkema Coating Resins provides global support for powder coating formulators, enabling us to meet your needs virtually anywhere you operate. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. Create a DIY press: A DIY press will dry your leaves faster than the book-press method will. Unequal amounts of catalyst and resin or incomplete mixing will cause the resin not to set. Applying a coating in low temperature slows the rate of reaction and increases the likelihood of blush because of longer amine exposure. Some tutorials recommend using hairspray or a clear acrylic coating. Your email address will not be published. In the how-to video below, Joanne walks us through a fun (and functional) fall craft: making napkin holders out of ArtResin and leaves... so you can bring the beautiful fall colors to your Thanksgiving table. After drying in the sun however, my shells lost their “fresh out of the ocean” sheen. Since I wanted to make this a holiday decor piece, I picked up a shallow wooden tray from Michaels. Coating application is not advised when the temperature is below the dew point, and in the case of epoxies, if the temperature is hovering near the dew point, a drop in the temperature can result in condensation on the substrate or even on the coating. I used the flat-nosed pliers to flatten it, making sure the two spirals are flush. Though epoxy materials can have many co-reactive curing agents, the focus of this article is on amine cured epoxies. Dehydrator: I used our dehydrator, which we have had for years for dehydrating fruits and herbs, as well as making jerky. Next, I added a few drops of the paint to each cup. After I’d popped the air bubbles, I let my project sit for about 30 minutes. If for any reason you are dissatisfied with your order after your first use, you can return it to us. Then using the free end of the wire, I looped it around itself and the leaf stem, and kept looping until it touched the spiral, at which point I cut it off with my wire snips. Here are some other ideas on how to color epoxy resin. I painted my frame with some of the pink neon paint and arranged my neon resin leaves along with some neon buttons I have from HA Kidd. Now just slip the leaf between the spirals. Epoxies are formulated as two component materials, with one component housing an epoxy resin and the other component containing a curing agent. Amine cured epoxies have an active amine functional group that react with the epoxy functional groups in the resin component. Whenever you hang up resin pieces, there will be a drop collecting at the tip (gravity, it does things!). Spread as thinly as possible- you don’t need a thick, gloopy coat. Her body of work started as a series of miniature oil paintings often constructed and manipulated through a layering process. Next, with gloved hands drop the objects into the wet resin, in whatever pattern you desire. 1988 shares. Then hung it up to dry. Note: Whichever method you choose, I don’t recommend sealing the leaves if you’re planning to coat them in resin. This post shares all about preserving leaves in resin, which is a beautiful and fairly straightforward way to do it. Here is a bright and cheery project made possible by neon resin! I think as long as it’s very very dry, it’s going to be ok. She has published extensively in the field of education and as a journalist, the latter in such publications as "High Country News" and "News from Indian Country." This example is from the very inspiring Resin Crafts blog: So I spent a few afternoons playing with it. I only added 2-3 drops of paint. Posted on 10 Nov 14:37, Lilian the Magnetficent is our Instagram Winner! I’m using my Wagner Spray Tech FURNO 500 heat gun on this project, too. Dry the flowers. I like the airy feeling of a skeleton leaf on its own though, so I wanted to see if I can give them just enough sturdiness to be able to withstand being handled, while preserving their light, transparent quality.