Rosefinches are about 15 cm (6 inches) long and mostly gray or brownish; males are red on the head, breast, and rump. x1 MALE and x3 FEMALE they are from last years birds young so are born in 2016 I keep these in an outdoor avairy so have had lots of room to fly and i feed them everyday with salad and soaked seed i can sell the bonded pair separately, or the 4 all together £50 for the pair £70 for all 4 birds More details on finch nests and a selection of finch nest photos can be located on the "nests", "finch nests" and "finch nest photos" web pages. Click on "Up" then "nests" then "finch nests" and "finch nests photos" in the navigation bars. New York pet shop owners, who had been selling the finches illegally, released their birds in 1940 to escape prosecution; the finches survived, and began to colonize the New York suburbs. The Rose Finch Capelet is a vintage lace poncho that is light, airy, and the perfect accessory for warmer Spring and Summer seasons! In a molecular phylogenetic study of the finch family published in 2012, Zuccon and colleagues found that the common rosefinch fell outside the core Carpodacus rosefinch clade and was a sister to the scarlet finch (at the time Haematospiza sipahi).They recommended that the common rosefinch should be moved to a new monotypic genus with the resurrected name of Erythrina. Its design features a delicate boat-shaped neckline followed by a feminine body portion using a simple and fun two-row stitch repeat. The common, or scarlet, rosefinch (C. erythrinus) of Eurasia, sometimes called Saved by Jianhua Zhang. Breeding: Egg Colour White. Mexican. Taxonomy. Clutch/s per year 3 - 4. I have x4 Mexican rose finch for sale. Rosefinch, any of the 21 or so species of the genus Carpodacus, of the songbird family Fringillidae. Mexican Rose Finch by Eva Lechner on 500px 98.0. Mexican Bird Rose The World Animales Roses Birds Pink Birdwatching. 1. Adaptable, colorful, and cheery-voiced, House Finches are common from coast to coast today, familiar visitors to backyard feeders. Native to the Southwest, they are recent arrivals in the East. Eggs per nest 3 - 6.