PAX name, logo and tag lines are trademarks of PAX Labs, Inc. Low temperatures are good for conserving material and keeping the size of vapor clouds to a minimum. Conversely, higher temperatures tend to produce a lot of vapor and big clouds. Most vapes heat up in under a minute; the PAX 3 heats up in an average of 22 seconds, for example. Dry herbs, like cannabis flower, tend to vaporize at lower temperatures than concentrates. Vaporizers are medical devices. PAX 3 vs Mighty: Vaporizers Comparison. PAX 3’s temperature is adjustable down to the degree within the defined range of 360° Fahrenheit to 420° Fahrenheit. In order to make sure your PAX 3 performs optimally at all times, you have to look after it properly. The PAX 3 wireless charging platform (or dock) connects to the mains via a MicroUSB cable. Their replacement screen is way better than the OG, and the reclaim rod let's you harvest that high % thc goo while keeping your airpath super clean. Do all of the above and you’ll never have any issues with the PAX 3. A few vaporizers on the market use induction heating, in which there is no direct connection between the heating element and the power source. TEMPERATURE CONTROL Enhance flavor profile of material and adjust vapor production by changing the temperature setting. A shortcut on the temperature control interface allows you to browse through temperature options in 5-degree increments. However, if you like the effect of a large vapor cloud, go ahead and turn up the heat. A temperature setting doesn't necessarily mean your vaporizer always operates at a fixed temperature, only that it won't surpass a programmed heat setting. Temperature setting 3 - 400°F (204°C) Temperature setting 4 - 420ºF (216ºC) The Burnoff. Aug 31, 2019. Which flavors do you want to bring out of your material? If you want to use your PAX 3 in a discreet manner, like if you’re out and about with friends on town, you can put it in Stealth Mode and this will dim the LED, reduce the amount of vapor produced, and speed up the cooling downtimes so as to reduce the smells associated with vaporizing weed. PAX 3 may reach the selected temperature faster when a lower setting is selected, while it may take longer if you wish to use your vaporizer on its highest-allowable temperature. Now that you know your device’s temperature range, you must consider the material loaded into the vaporizer. Dry herbs often vaporize at a lower temperature than concentrates. This mode balances consistent vapor production and flavor preservation. What Temperature Should I Set for My Vaporizer? By trying different temperature settings, you’ll become familiar with how your vape can influence your sessions and soon you’ll know which temperature settings most closely match your preferences. Each device has its own range and settings, so it’s important to become familiar with the vape that you choose. I have a brand new pax 2, bought the sandwich pushers, some screens and the vented oven lid. Your temperature selection directly influences the type of session you’d like to have. This guide takes you through the role temperature plays in the vaporization experience and how PAX 3 features can support your desired effect. Highlight the subtleties of your material. The PAX 3 complete kit, which includes a concentrate insert and other accessories necessary to vaporize concentrates, is available for $249.99. *You must be 21 years of age or older to purchase product on this site in the United States. A full battery charge is indicated by a white light on the device’s LED display. But then you don't get as much of a hit of it right? thats all you need. In general I say stay below 195C for a clear cerebral high, and temps over 200C for pain relief and sedation. This vaporizer is the first in the PAX family to support the vaporization of concentrate and dry herb material, and the first, along with the PAX Era, to support app control through PAX Mobile. In keeping with our example of the PAX 3, you may want to vaporize dry herb or concentrate, such as oils or waxes. About 1 less session than default. PAX Labs, Inc. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Boost Mode is for those who want more vapor at their preferred temperature setting. Some can even be set to the precise degree. A subreddit dedicated to the PAX vaporizer, by PAX Labs. I was wondering what the best heat setting(s) of the pax 3 was to get the most out of it without burning the flower too fast in one session? You can unsubscribe from PAX email messages anytime. No matter which setting you select, a quick vibration will notify you when PAX 3 is properly heated and ready to use. Once you have a temperature setting in place, the PAX 3 remembers it. And yea I've had that problem of toasting the herb too fas. Once chosen, shake your PAX 3 to exit temperature selection mode. This is why millions trust it for all their weed vaporizing needs. The PAX 3 portable vaporizer from PAX Labs is beloved for its stunning aesthetics, advanced functionality, and unparalleled discretion. the vented lid/pusher thing I did not like I wouldn't suggest it. Fewer settings on your portable vaporizer are more important than temperature. Once you have your weed all ground up, you’ll want to make sure it is packed nice and tightly inside the PAX 3’s chamber. Select a low-temperature setting and allow the vaporizer to heat. Cycle to any of the 4 default settings and land on your preferred temperature. It’s small, it’s powerful, it has a great battery life, and it delivers truly exceptional vapor quality. Without exiting the app, cycle through the temperature settings and select your favorite. I just got my Pax 3 today and it's really my first experience with a good vaporizer. Low temperatures can improve the taste and aroma of your cannabis. US and International Patents Pending. PAX name, logo and tag lines are trademarks of PAX Labs, Inc. This means it is ready to go. Cannabis Accessories That Make Your Experience More Predictable, Best Herb Grinder: 5 Most Popular in 2019. Motion Standby time doubles to 1 minute before being triggered, maintaining a higher temperature throughout your session. Every core function in PAX 3 and PAX Era can be controlled by the device alone, but we've created PAX Mobile to turbocharge your experience with customizable temperature settings, color themes, security options, and more. Choosing a temperature has a tremendous influence on nearly every component of the vaporization experience, from taste to the size of the vape cloud produced. PAX DOES NOT PRODUCE, MANUFACTURE OR DISTRIBUTE CANNABIS. Ideally, you’ll want to keep the PAX 3 cradle in a convenient place, so you can quickly top it up when you’re not using it. © 2020. The fifth temperature setting can be accessed through the Pax 3 app. In Efficiency Mode, after your oven has heated up, the temperature setting will Ramp up automatically by 1ºF every 2 seconds while lip presence is detected. This mode acts similarly to the default set-up but with a key difference: it increases the oven temperature automatically. Cooking at a higher temperature doesn't simply mean it cooks "faster". PAX 3 may reach the selected temperature faster when a lower setting is selected, while it may take longer if you wish to use your vaporizer on its highest-allowable temperature. The light color and pattern change as you fine-tune your temperature for your preferred experience. Cycle to any of the 4 default settings and land on your preferred temperature. Once you have a temperature setting in place, the PAX 3 remembers it. You want to make sure you use a small amount because once the concentrate heats up it spreads out inside the chamber. The starting Ramp temperature will now reflect the one you've selected. If you turn your PAX 3 off, and then on again, the new starting Ramp temperature will revert to the one you had previously selected within the app. Both the Pax 2 and the Pax 3 come with four preset temperatures, which are 182°C, 193°C, 204°C, and 215°C. It’s pretty simple, to be honest, and the most important one you need to know, obviously, is the short double pulse, as that means the PAX 3 is ready to use! If you want to minimize vapor, stick within the lower range of temperatures. The PAX 3 does not have any breaks in its design; the entire chassis of the PAX 3 is completely smooth, save for an LED light on the front which acts as a battery indicator. Pax 3 Temperature Settings Compared – Pax Temp Guide January 5, 2019 May 10, 2018 by Troy If you’ve watched my Pax 3 Review video then you know how thoroughly I like to test vaporizers. PAX 3 is more intelligent than other conduction vaporizers. Whether you take your time between draws, or prefer to go back-to-back rapidly, PAX 3 will cater the experience to your preferred style with its lip presence-based boosting, auto-cooling, and motion sensing technology.