You ain’t alone now. The good old days when travelling in the open air was cheap and affordable. thanks for all you do.your teaching style is the absolute best.even if it’s something I know or I have studied,you always have an amazing way of embellishing the curriculum. Your email address will not be published. The major pentatonic scale is often overlooked and misunderstood by guitar players. In its minor form, the E note is counted as 1. In all of them, the scale is played over major chords and the second note in pattern one is functioning as the tonic (primary pitch). The better you understand the features and functions of your musical tools, the better you’ll develop as a guitar player. The Effect of Technology and the Internet on Music... 300+ Years of the Piano: How did it all... Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. This is usually not a problem with guitarists who have experience playing country songs because the major pentatonic scale is used a lot in country music. Oh! There are probably popular melodies written with a pentatonic scale but I do not know of any in the western world. Sing your heart out home boy. The minor pentatonic scale, often referred to as the “Relative Minor Pentatonic Scale” is a scale that has only 5 scale tones in a natural minor scale: 1, 3, 4, 5 and 7.It is called the “Relative Minor Pentatonic Scale” as the notes in the scale can be played with a song … :O, We’re starting to see a connection here. Diatonic… Literally any song in the key of A minor. Climbing stairs is yesterdays news, man. Each scale … Major Pentatonic Scale Songs. In the neck diagrams above you see the same pentatonic scale pattern shown in its two forms, minor and major. Hailed as a “music-theory expert” by Rolling Stone magazine, guitarist Desi Serna is a music instructor and author who has written several books including Fretboard Theory, Guitar Theory For Dummies, and Guitar Picking Mechanics. For those of you who don’t know, a pentatonic scale is a musical scale or mode with five notes per octave, aka the black keys. You can use these notes to play over music that has either an E minor or G major tonality. It’s played over some type of E minor chord (or sometimes E major in a blues setting). My Girl – The Temptations. All rights reserved is a phrase that originated in copyright law as a formal requirement for copyright notice. For example, E minor pentatonic is also G major pentatonic, F# minor pentatonic is also A major pentatonic, A minor pentatonic is also C major pentatonic, and so on. Pentatonic scales (i.e., consisting of five notes to the octave), usually consisting of minor thirds and major seconds, are used throughout the continent, especially in songs and song types that are not strongly influenced by the art music and popular music of the cities. All you have to do is play the scale over some type of G major chord. The songs listed below are just some of many examples that use the pentatonic scale in its major form. It can start on any note, but an easy way to work out the pentatonic scale is to play on the five black notes of the piano. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. He has a practical, hands-on approach to teaching, with a focus on the guitar fretboard and emphasis on popular songs. All fields required. Straw Man Argument? By not understanding how the pentatonic can function in a major context, musicians miss out on half the sounds and styles that the pentatonic patterns can produce. Eric Clapton Songs usually offer a generous use of the scale. Dark clouds. When the note G becomes the primary pitch in the music, then the B note in the scale becomes a major 3rd and produces a major tonality. The tonality of the scale depends on which note is primary in the music. The minor 3rd occurs between the primary pitch, E, and the note G. But the very same notes and pattern also make the G major pentatonic scale. To learn more about using the pentatonic scale, see my video course, Pentatonic Scale Patterns: How to Easily Master the Patterns Used to Play Music’s Most Iconic Guitar Riffs and Solos. The Pentatonic Scale uses the scale degrees "do, re, mi, sol, la." What are some songs I can use the A minor pentatonic scale in? Black keys. Turns out, there a quite a few songs out there that can be played using only the black keys (hooray for lazy people)! If you're not yet familiar with the pentatonic scale, check it out here. Where did you come from, where did you go! In its major form, you count G as 1. Sign Up to create a personal songbook and add your favorite songs! The songs listed below are just some of many examples that use the pentatonic scale in its major form. Enjoy the wonder that is the pentatonic scale! :O.