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Released in 1993 on Genesis, it's still available and playable with some tinkering. With its deeper combat system, excellent soundtrack and intuitive gameplay, this one is a real contender for the best side-scrolling beat-em-up ever made. While the single-screen, trap-the-monsters action may have seemed old hat at a time when Sonic was tearing through levels like lightning, Wani Wani World has aged quite well. You had a darn good run in the console market, didn’t you? It’s hard to pin down what makes the Genesis port of Road Blasters so effective, despite your inability to brake or accelerate. Yes, as well as keeling over from sheer hunger if you don’t pick up enough food, your hapless hero will also exclaim, “I’m stuffed” if he’s given too much to eat – and then promptly expire. You play Annet, a heroine armed with magic and boomerangs, of all things, who’s on a mission to save 1920s America from Al Capone and ancient, evil gods from H.P. Although described as a tank game, Granada is far brisker than other games of its type from the ’80s and ’90s, like Tengen’s unfathomably slow Vindicators. Gunstar Heroes and Dynamite Headdy are fantastic and a blast to replay. That is not something anyone needs in their life, so here goes: as with Streets of Rage 2, Sonic the Hedgehog 2 was an excellent example of how to craft a sequel. Gameplay takes a roguelike direction, seeing you exploring a 2D Earth to gather the pieces of your shattered ship and return to your home planet (Funkotron). The title hero is a half human, half digital being who can enter the digital realm. The soundtrack is pleasant and perfectly matches whith the Tiny Toon cartoon. None could quite find a way to replicate the arcade original’s dual stick control system, but this caveat aside, the Genesis version of Midnight Resistance is a thoroughly decent adaptation. Much like Aladdin, though, the Genesis take on The Lion King is a fantastic platformer. Comix Zone tapped into that whole thing like nothing else. The way the player’s gooey sprite is animated is extremely clever, considering the era the game was made in, and the character’s design means you can see at a glance how close you are to death: each hit you take reduces the size of the blob, while absorbing other blobs around the landscape will make the mass increase again. Notable at the time for its large and dubious sprites depicting naked fairies, it was also a supremely playable platformer from British game design ace Raffaele Cecco. A treasure chest contains 3-5 Retro Games inside for you to keep! This platform adventure game deserved to be a big hit, but the timing of Monster World IV‘s release (it arrived as the Genesis was nearing the end of its life) meant that it wasn’t even released outside Japan until it was finally translated and made available on Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network. With a shadowy fantasy theme, Elemental Master sees you control a cloaked figure who can fire powerful blue streaks of lightning – a handy ability, given the hordes of giant bats, fleshy plants, and other critters waiting for you as you advance up the battlefield. When I was little girl I played is game that's reason I bought it . The Genesis is known for the quality of its music, and what music could possibly be better than Michael Jackson’s Beat It, Smooth Criminal and the like? Fatal Labyrinth is, in many ways, a fairly generic 2D dungeon crawler where you navigate your hero across 30 randomly-generated floors of nasties and treasure chests in search of a mystical trinket guarded by a dragon. An exceptionally faithful rendition of the arcade original, Rainbow Islands Extra retains the bouncy, deceptively punishing action of the coin-op. The first game is a little tough to come back to these days (dare we call it overrated? Released in the west on a good, old-fashioned cartridge, the game probably seemed laughably backward in the face of the brash, flashier stuff available at the time, but Flicky has a simple, endlessly replayable appeal that makes it just about timeless. Further Reading: 20 Games That Deserve Remakes. To help you along, there’s a broad arsenal of weapons (including a great flamethrower and a gun that fires deadly beachball-type things ). Further Reading: 25 Underrated Video Game Soundtracks. Couple the varied and relentless gameplay with some great, cartoonlike graphics and meaty 16-bit gunshot sound effects and you’re left with one of the best action games on the Genesis. Bad Omen‘s also one of several ’90s games that feature a killer tree as an area guardian. There are gigantic amalgams of screaming heads, pistons, and arteries. This curious side-scrolling brawler responded to the topic of animal welfare in the same way Eugene Jarvis’ Narc dealt with the drug trade: with rocket launchers and extreme violence. An action game it may be, but the Ecco series is best known for its atmosphere and beautiful presentation. From Sonic to the Lion King, these are the best Sega Genesis games that are worth a nostalgic replay. Themed worlds with different enemies, catchy music, and larger sprites give the game a more ’90s feel, even if the gameplay itself is the same as ever. This game is memorable, classic, and most fun to play. With apologies if we’ve missed any of your favorites, here’s our selection of 50 Sega Genesis games that never quite got the mega-selling attention they deserved…. tres bon, toujours amusant comme quand j'étais petit. For that brief, shining moment, Sega was one of the most powerful forces in console gaming. The music’s absolutely horrible, but the game itself is enjoyable, with each level offering a balanced mix of action and (increasingly difficult) puzzles. When he isn't gaming, Chris will usually be found catching up on the latest and greatest movies, whether at the theater or at home. EA’s not-dissimilar Road Rash series was better known and technically superior, but this adaptation of Atari’s action driving game is still weirdly addictive. Free-roaming platform shooter Turrican received a brilliant port in 1991, and like its computer counterparts, was a superbly designed and slick game in a similar vein to Metroid. “Man, I’m glad this panel is over,” the hero thinks aloud as he fends off another round of bad guys. One boss is a giant toad that lays explosives. With a bit of practice, the system quickly becomes second nature, and as the action progresses up the screen, Bad Omen begins to more closely resemble a scrolling shooter than something like Arkanoid – there are enemies to destroy, obstacles to avoid, and area bosses to take out. The first title from the now legendary developer Treasure, Gunstar Heroes contains everything the studio’s fans associate with its output: a quirky sense of humor, frantic action, and graphics that push its host platform to the breaking point. Now I know most games have a password system but with this game you won't want to put it down.