Coming in fourth in Gatorade situational quality and thirst readiness is Orange. It was basically watered down Gatorade with a better flavor and less sodium. There’s just not enough times where it beats the rest of the flavors to the front line of thirst quenching. Arctic Blitz. Jump to page: Results 1 to 30 of 32 Thread: Best/Worst Gatorade Flavor? Glacier Freeze. The answer to all of these questions is obviously a big, fat NO. Road trip? Blue Gatorade: 4. Lemon-Lime. There’s just no getting around the fact that these flavors are second tier; the equivalent to the music fraternity on campus. But, they have no business in this power-ranking of best Gatorade flavors. Absolutely no situation directs my thirst towards Fruit Punch. Would you drink Molson on the 4th of July? (Sorry.) It goes down … From the OG Fruit Punch to the new Lime-Cucumber flavor, we tested as many bottles as we could. Riptide Rush. This flavor is a fantastic second-string player, the best 6th man in the league. Also, I will take into consideration the gravity of the situation and parallel it with a Gatorade flavor’s magnitude. Gatorade is always pushing the limit with new and extreme flavors, and we think you may be missing out on these from Gatorade’s Original, Frost, and Fierce sub-lines. The purpose of this list is to narrowing down what flavor is best for each type of thirst. There is also something about it that says “I’m relaxed” I’m going to take my time drinking this… I’m not super thirsty right now, but I know I will need a sip of something eventually. Or how G2 “changed the game” when it comes to a list of best Gatorade flavors. The sweet taste of this heavenly elixir never gets old. But actually sick, with a fever and the shakes. Lastly, I’m not going to be around the bush when I tell you that Fruit Punch (red) is by far, undoubtedly, the worst Gatorade flavor. Y’all really drink the red Gatorade by choice? However, sports drinks like Gatorade contain sugar and … Gatorade Thirst Quencher, Fruit Punch. The act of treachery is an art, but the traitor himself is a piece of **** - Mike Tyson. But I think we all know that those people suck. Riptide Rush is night owl juice. Glacier Freeze. On the occasion of Gatorade's 50th birthday, we assess the many iterations of the thirst quencher born in a lab. HuffPost is part of Verizon Media. If Juul put out a Glacier Freeze pod, I think we all know that it would end up being the Pineapple Express of pods. These are two HUGE reasons are why Lemon Lime is the second greatest Gatorade flavor of all time. The Ultimate Ranking Of Gatorade Flavors. Which is a word I just made up to describe sober people. The last time I had a red Gatorade my mom brought it to me on the baseball diamond when I was 9 years old… and she thought she was doing me a favor. Here at BroBible, we are dealing with the best day-to-day Gatorade flavors that you can get almost anywhere – the Gatorade flavors that everyone not living under a rock for the last 20 years knows, and more or less has an opinion on. Copyright © 2008-2020 BroBible. worst: orange or fruit punch. I don't know if they still make it but I will say that Gatorade Rain Berry was pretty good though. More From Reference The Best and Worst Sports Drinks. It is the flavor that has memories attached to it. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last. You can’t go wrong with snagging a Crisp Glacier Cherry for your second round pick. It’s a juice box-flavor of Gatorade. By ... Read on to learn which flavors are fit for a Gator, and which are in need of serious... aid. From mixing our parents vodka with it, to drinking it to stay alive through an all night finals week Adderall binge. Without further adieu, here’s a ranking of the best Gatorade flavors based on their use in everyday life for hydration. No. We and our partners will store and/or access information on your device through the use of cookies and similar technologies, to display personalised ads and content, for ad and content measurement, audience insights and product development. It’s a juice box-flavor of Gatorade. Water is the most logical form of hydration. Up next we have the motor oils of all flavors: Cool Blue and Fierce Grape. I will be ranking the top Gatorade flavors based upon their situational readiness to quench your thirst when you need it. ← PGA Announces Controversial Changes To 2019 FedEx Cup Format, Plus How Tiger Can Still Win It This Year, Man Pockets $84,500 On A $5 Bet Thanks In Large Part To Russell Wilson Throwing A Pick Six →. Here's the official Delish Gatorade ranking...from worst to best, of course. On that note, I need to go to sleep. Here is a flavor that is best described as fiery. I don’t hear the shouts from some new-wave NARP flavor fanatic yelling some hogwash about “cucumber lime” or “strawberry kiwi” being the GOAT of all Gatorade flavors. best: fierce strawberry, fierce blue cherry. Got a 9 PM intramural basketball game? Find out more about how we use your information in our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy. By Jill Krasny. Spicy food? If you don’t think there’s a time and a place for a specific Gatorade flavor, just ask yourself this: would you drink Corona around a campfire? Would you drink Guinness on a boat? Is it terrible? Red Gatorade is flat out child’s play. Whenever ... 2. Yellow Gatorade was literally designed to be consumed while exercising. Everything that can be said about Cool Blue can also be said about Fierce Grape (dark purple). It really is. Show Printable Version; Anyway you slice it, this is the best flavor of Gatorade for the hungover, or the hungunder. I would rather drink a Red Berry-flavored Capri Sun that’s been marinating in the sun since 2007. Honorable mentions: Glacier Cherry (white). Ice Punch. Something about being on the move makes my pallet yearn for some light purple. Riptide Rush. User Info: VanDam. The random Gatorade flavors that have emerged over the years that pop up at obscure delis and random gas stations every once and a while can be tasty. When you exercise, it’s important to stay hydrated. To enable Verizon Media and our partners to process your personal data select 'I agree', or select 'Manage settings' for more information and to manage your choices. Gatorade Lemon-lime is that one of those Gatorade flavors everyone likes. See Gallery. The name “Cool Blue” is deceiving because it sounds smooth and elegant. Before I lay out my ultimate guide to the best Gatorade flavors based on their situational qualities, I want to make something clear. Twenty-six flavors of Gatorade have been discontinued throughout Gatorade's existence; however, lemon-line, orange and fruit punch consistently remain as available products.