[25] He first saw the memory in which the Tenjo brothers lived peacefully before meeting Mr. Heartland. This outraged Vetrix, causing him to smash the observation boxes windows out of anger and he vows to finish Yuma off, nice and slowly. Quattro angrily replied that Trey fought against the "Original Number" for Vetrix and ended up comatose. [5], Later, Quattro implored that Vetrix give him new powers so he could defeat Yuma. Vetrix then attempted to continue to assault Kite, despite his Life Points being at 0, but Hart interfered, protecting Kite from the attack of "Heraldry Crest" attack. He is outfitted in light greenish clothing and seems to be as tall as Hart Tenjo. Kazuma revealed that there were actually twenty-three passage points, something he had determined while exploring. He recalled Kazuma's talk of friendship and of never giving up, though he considered Faker's betrayal as proof of the uselessness of friendship, but found Kazuma's mantra of never giving up to be inspiring. However, he continues to respect Kazuma and his ability to make friends, but he also notes that it was the reason for his disappearance. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. [20], As part of the plan, Vetrix instructed Quattro to Duel Rio Kastle. Vetrix advised him to be calm and told him he could win by accepting "Shark Drake", which caused Shark to give in and create "Number C32: Shark Drake Veiss", defeating Quattro. Prior to that, no one had known she existed. The effect of "Heraldry Crest" negated even this attack, but Yuma survived with the effect of "Lightning Blade".[6]. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. They then began the ritual which caused several tentacles to wrap around Hart, which in turn then passed his memories and powers onto Vetrix, allowing him to see the Astral World. Sphere of Fear: Part 1 Sustained by the hope of attaining revenge,[20] he survived through his own will and with the help of the Barian World. [4] One of these experiments from the development of the Sphere Field. [5] During Trey's Duel with Yuma, Vetrix alongside Quinton observed the Duel from a balcony, where Quinton felt nervous about whether or not Trey can win, but Vetrix reassured Quinton that he will with the power which he granted him. Created by Kazuki Takahashi. Can Yuma figure out a way to outduel Vetrix, or will Vetrix and his devastating deck destroy Yuma's chance of being a champion?! This may also be to do with the fact that he sat on a throne during the World Duel Carnival preliminaries, watching cartoons while his sons gathered Heart Pieces. [12] He also took Quattro's "Numbers" from him after that son's loss to Reginald Kastle. This enables him to travel quickly. Vetrix plays a "Heraldic" Deck, composed of cards focused on control and manipulation, including the "Heraldic Beasts" and a line-up of "Heraldry" Spell/Trap Cards. He complemented Quattro on his counters, but told him that he intended to make Shark an assassin to defeat Dr. Faker. 9 images of the Yu-Gi-Oh! [11], Vetrix later conversed with his benefactors in the Barian World through a portal and assured them that his plan was going smoothly. Vetrix then brought out "Genom-Heritage", which was able to destroy "Dyson Sphere" and reduce Kite to 1200 Life Points, and then mockingly called Kite "brother". After Quattro and Trey left to complete their missions, Vetrix told Quinton to ensure that no matter what, Dr. Faker must not find out that he is alive since he believes that he is deceased. [29], Vetrix told Astral he could not free Yuma as the chains used the power of the Barian World, which the powers of the Astral World cannot affect. Vetrix thanked him in turn, as Yuma helped him get his family back. Search for "Sphere of Fear: Part 1" on Amazon.in, Title: