Context of that fight was it one on one or Shazam with a team with Spectre. Shazam! In case, this battle took place in ancient times then it has to show the troika of major ancient races (Amazons, Atlanteans, and humans) coming together to beat Steppenwolf and protect Earth from meeting the same fate as Apokolips. @krleavenger: Meh, a couple maybe, but Superman still blows him out of the water. Shazam's only feat is running from Black Adam... @bladeoffury: Stellar ABC logic there mate... -.-. However, it might not be either of them. However, if it's the wizard Shazam... Zeus stomps. That sets up the scene with Alfred which remains mysterious to keep the fans speculating. It's basically who's magic is stronger he would have no powers without magic. Therefore, the reason behind the three Mother Boxes existing on Earth and Steppenwolf coming back to return with greater fury at a time when it is considered that “the age of heroes” is over, becomes clear. Wrong. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. The only way why Shazam was ever a match for Superman was because of two reasons. ! You being unable to wrap your head around that simple logical concept is odd. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. You have entered an incorrect email address! As seen in justice league throne of Atlantis. Supes also stated that against people like Adam he doesn't hold back, and still couldn't put up a normal fight against Adam, who didn't even want to fight. And the one who gave him his powers was a mere mortal. Prior individual feats don't mean jack s*** when characters fight each other directly. You don't get to a plane of power like that without some degree of power. It has happened so many times, almost every time these two meet. As for Captain Marvel/Shazam, whom you think about, he is as powerful as Superman, physical stats wise, and more powerful in pure raw power. But when King Shazam comes calling, that doesn't help him one bit. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. He has access to some of his power. Therefore, the reason behind the three Mother Boxes existing on Earth and Steppenwolf coming back to return with greater fury at a time when it is considered that “, It is very plausible to think that Batman would be aware of the alter ego of the young Billy Batson being Shazam as he researched for the potential Justice League members. If the fight took place at the Rock of Eternity then the wizard Shazam would win. I can post so many feats proving you wrong, but i'll just post some scans of DC's Handbooks and Encyclopedia that state that he is as strong and tough as Supes and writers' saying that he is nearly as fast as The Flash. Billy does have a handful of impressive combat and reaction time speed feats tho. Darkseid vs Zeus and Wonder Woman, it's a well drawn and entertaining back and forth fight. Superman can actually vibrate himself to intagibility; he did it in a fight against Doomsday, and Doomsday couldn't land a single punch. He has access to some of his power. The clear answer to the question about the mystery guy being Shazam or Zeus can be found by figuring out the time period of this battle visual. As seen in the myths Hercules was the son of Zeus and the mortal Princess Alcmene and possessed otherworldly strength. Thursday (Iovis Dies in Latin), in most Romance languages, is named after Zeus' Roman name as well. It can be seen above that this particular visual of the latest Justice League TV spot shows someone who is producing a huge lightning bolt to hurl at Steppenwolf. At any given time, it would be Zeus. Magic was often a factor in these, also were most of them with context. He was likely the one who gave the wizard the power of lighting in the first place. Honestly this is almost an unfair matchup. Superman is going to kick Zeus's butt if Zeus gives him a good reason to do so. If that be true, then logic says that Batman would try and keep a child out of the cosmic war at least as long as there were other options available. Also Wizard was actually winning the battle against the Spectre, he had advantage, but Spectre started to destroy magic inside RoE and absorbing the magic of Wizard, thus leaving him nearly powerless, then the rock fall upon Wizard and he died, so technically it was not Spectre who killed him.